Configure StablePay widget
1. Fill Form
ENS Name or Recipient Address
Select currency you want to receive
Merchant Name
Callback URL
2. Select the theme for your widget
3. Copy code
Select all of the HTML code below, then copy and paste it into your web page.
<!DOCTYPE html>
        <!-- Add this <script> to the <head> tag -->
        <script src=""></script>
        <!-- Add this anywhere in your site where you would like to render the Widget -->
        <div id="stablepay-widget"></div>

        <!-- Add this <script> at the end of the <body> tag -->
                    type: 'Payment',
                    source: {
                        name: '',
                        address: ''
                    amount: {
                        total: INSERT_AMOUNT_VARIABLE_HERE
                    postAction: { 
                        action: 'Default'
                    callbackURL: ','
                    theme: 'standard',
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