The secure and decentralized payment platform for the new internet of money.

StablePay is the easy way to send and receive cryptocurrency payments converted to DAI.

How does it work?

Step 1

Install a Wallet

You need a secure wallet to start receiving donations/payments or any other transfer in DAI.

Step 2

Configure your Widget

Insert widget code into your website or github repository to start receiving DAI.

Instant integration. Just fill the form with your payment preferences and copy/paste the final code into your repository, web site or a share a URL. Is that Easy!

Step 3

Start receiving DAI

Never worry about market volatility and having to exchange your tokens, on every transfer we do it for you instantly.

Convenient, secure and with the best exchange rate on the most important Decentralized Exchanges.

With StablePay, you can do...

Tips and Donations

Start accepting online Donations in a stable currency Like DAI.
(ETH and more token support coming soon)


Earning interest instantly on the Payments you receive with DEFI protocols for savings integrated.
(Coming soon)

Transfers / Remittance

Share a link and receive your payment with a requested amount and token of your choosing.
(DAI, ETH support currently)


Give tips and donations to your preferred open source projects and content creators. Stablepay allows pay them in any supported token you want and is all secure, non-custodial and seamless.


Manage multiple user and tokens for payments through one simple interface, with a mix of any input and output tokens.
(Coming soon)

Bulk Payments

Send multiple transfers to several addresses with any input token to any output token. E.g
(ETH to many DAI transfers)(Coming soon)

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